What should I take?

Remember that you are coming to the mountains and the countryside. Our tents are comfortable but we want to leave the surroundings as natural as possible. Around the tents there is a meadow only partly mowed. There are no paved paths and squares. In the mountains, the weather is changing, so take clothes for different weather conditions, and if you plan to go to the mountains, pack suitable footwear. To keep your feet dry in the meadow after dusk, boots will be useful. At night and sometimes during the day, wild animals such as roe deers, deers (we saw) or boars (we have not seen yet) may appear in the meadow. A bee or a bumblebee may also occasionally fly into the tent.

I arrived by train / bus and have heavy luggage. Can you help?

Yes, we will help! We can pick you up from the station in Międzylesie, just let us know in advance.

Can I come with my child?

Of course you can!

Is it possible to have a cot?

If you let us know in advance, we can get a cot for a child at no extra charge.

Are there any attractions for children there?

In Międzylesie, fifteen minutes walk from Vegan House there is an outdoor swimming pool, open in the summer season. In the area there are several horse studs, ski lifts and bicycle routes. For children and adults, a great attraction is visiting the castle at night with torches, in Miedzylesie.

Are the tents air-conditioned?

Yes. All tents have air conditioning and curtains to filter sunlight. The coating of the panoramic window is thin and quickly heats up, so during periods of very high temperatures it is necessary to cover the window so as to prevent the tent from heating up too much.

Can you come with a dog / cat / rabbit?

Yes, all animals are welcome, provided they are not aggressive.

Are the meals served at Vegan House 100% vegan?


What if the customer has a food allergy to certain ingredients - will there be an alternative for him?

We are ready to prepare meals according to the needs of our guests. Let us know in advance.

Can I change the date of the paid reservation?

Yes, but we need to know about it no later than two weeks before your arrival.

Can I cancel my reservation?

Yes, but we need to know about it no later than two weeks before your arrival. You will receive a refund within 30 days on the same account from which you have paid the reservation.

Are there any stores in the area?

Yes. In Międzylesie, three kilometers away, there are shops, gas stations, a railway station and even a castle!

Is there internet in the resort?

Yes. Our guests can use free WiFi.

Is there a place to park the car?

Yes. There is an area where you can leave your car, free of charge.

Is there a place to shelter bicycles?

Yes, we can store bicycles in one of our buildings.

Are the tents heated?

Yes. All tents are equipped with an air conditioner with heating and cooling function and a wood fireplace (from November to March).

Is there a place to make a bonfire?

Yes of course! We also offer wood for our guests at no extra cost.

Can I grill at the resort?

Yes, if you do not disturb other guests. Remember: vegetables only ;-)

I have a question that is not on this list. What to do?

Write to us via the contact form!