Vegan House is the first 100% vegan glamping site in Poland!

We have built our center in the Bystrzyckie Mountains, which are part of the Sudetes. Once there was a farm in this place, centered around a hundred-year-old Sudety house built of stone and wooden logs.

Vegan House is the first such agrotourism in Lower Silesia. We offer accommodation in a house in the mountains or in spherical tents with a view of the Śnieżnik massif. The Kłodzko Basin offers different houses in the mountains, but no one has spherical tents on offer! In the area there is also no agritourism focused on the admission of vegans.

We are the only holiday resort in Poland offering vegan glamping.

Over the last few years, we have been renovating the house and the farm buildings step by step. We did it mainly ourselves and with the help of friends. Our dream was to breathe new life into this beautiful home and share with others this magical place.

Breathing life in a cowshed does not mean, however, that we breed animals there. We have a Finnish sauna in it, which all our guests can use. In our opinion, the sauna is a much better application of the cowshed than the use of animals in it.

Environmental protection is the most important thing for us. We think about it at every step. There are no feathers in our bedding, and leather furniture. The basic source of heating is a heat pump. Solar panels are the ultimate source of energy for us, and now we limit electricity consumption. We repair, we use it again, and if we throw something out, we sort it.