Biking and walking routes in the area

In the Vegan House area you will find beautiful grounds, as well as unique monuments. While visiting Vegan House, you can visit the Stołowe Mountains National Park and the Orlické Mountains.

You can eat a vegan breakfast, dress shoes and follow the trail to Śnieżnik, go to the top and come back for a vegan supper. Besides Śnieżnik, there is also the Międzylesie Castle within walking distance, and the powerful Kłodzko Fortress is a half-hour train ride from Vegan House. If you like exploring old fortifications, you must also see the Srebrna Góra Fortress.

Within walking distance of Vegan House, there is a castle in Międzylesie and a municipal swimming pool in Międzylesie. All day long hiking you can arrange for the Śnieżnik massif, which grows from the other side of the valley over which Vegan House is located.

If you have bikes, you can arrange a one-day trip to Kłodzko. There, apart from one of the most beautiful old towns in Poland, you can visit the great Kłodzko Fortress. You can also go on a day trip to the Stołowe Mountains National Park or the Eagle Mountains. Trespass at Szczeliniec and return to us by bike or by train from Kłodzko.

The nearest railway station is a half-hour walk from Vegan House. Trains to Kłodzko run every hour or two, so you can plan your trip to us as well as trips to Kłodzko, Kamieniec Ząbkowicki, Ząbkowice Śląskie, Sowie Mountain or even Czechia! Vegan House is only ten kilometers away from the Czech border! Koleje Dolnośląskie offers direct and cheap train connections from Międzylesie to Lichkov, Mladkov or Usti nad Orlici.

Take the bikes and the map of cycling routes, which are plenty in the Kłodzko Valley, and enjoy an active rest in the beautiful scenery.

Bicycle routes

Name Length Number
Red 41.4 km Bystrzyca Kłodzka - Przejscie Graniczne (Jodłów - Horni Morawa)
Blue 30 km Schronisko na Hali pod Śnieżnikiem - Przełęcz nad Porębą
Green 42.6 km Miedzygórze - Mostowice
Green 7.1 km Jaworek - Domaszków
yellow 14.2 km Miedzygórze - Switch Puchacz