What is glamping?

Glamping is a short from glamour camping: camping in a comfortable tents. Each of our tents is fully equipped with a full-sized double bed, a fridge, an air conditioner, a shower and toilets. On top of it all, the tents are fitted with a huge panoramic window, through which you can watch the mountains. Our glamping site is located in the mountains in the picturesque Kłodzko Valley.
In our tents, the panoramic window is occupying the whole front of the tent perfectly set to watch the Śnieżnik massif. Imagine yourself sitting in a comfortable armchair with a mug of tea or a glass of wine and enjoying the beauty of the mountains. You can also lie down on the platform of the tent, turn off the light and watch the stars in absolute silence.

What does it mean “First vegan glamping in Poland”?

We serve only vegan food to our guests. You will not find any food that needed animal suffering to be made. We are the first guesthouse with both vegan food and spherical tents. Glamping was invented for people who want to stay close to the nature, but also put a value to comfort. We value the most comfort of our guests, thats why we offer comfortable spherical tents. Who said that sleeping in a tent has to be uncomfortable? Take a shower, lie on double bed, watch the mountains and listen to the birds!

Can I visit with my dog?

Of course you can! Spend your holyday with your dog, cat or goat! We love all animals and all of them are welcome in Vegan House. Glamping was invented to spent comfortrable time close to nature and if you love your pet, then ou have to have it close to you. There are a lot of guesthouses who doo not allow pets. We are not one of them and we also do not understand such attidute. Pets are part of the family. All of the Vegan House crew have animals at home. Each of us remember situations from the past when we were not allowed to take our animals with us somewhere. We do not want to put our guests in such an uncomfortable position.


Everybody is welcome in Vegan House, meat-eaters too. Of course we will not prepare any animal-based foods but we do not forbid eating meat in Vegan House. We respect everybodys views. We just kindly ask anyone who would like to grill meat in the open to remember that a smell of grilled meat might be annoying to the others who might also be guests of the Vegan House. Spending time in Vegan House might be a chance for meat-eaters to discover something new, like plant-based food! Are you up to the challenge?


The regular price for one night is 330 PLN, it is a price without meals, includes:
accommodation in a spherical tent for 2 people
free access to the sauna,
free WiFi and parking
wood for fireplace
Stays with pets at no extra charge.
The tent is prepared for 2 people (on special request, it is possible to add a 3rd/extra bed)

You can buy meals for 1, 2 or 3 people in the booking panel.
Half board for 1 person [+60.00 PLN].
Half board for 2 people [+120.00 PLN].
Half board for 3 people [+180.00 PLN].

The payment for the stay is charged in advance and is non-refundable. However, it is possible to postpone the date of stay.